Kitchen Hack: How to Cut a Hard Squash Without Injury

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Ever tried to cut a hard squash or pumpkin?

Without a chainsaw?

Because, sometimes I think a chainsaw is the only way to go.

But fear no more…there is a solution.

Make a small slit in the side with a shape serrated knife (like a steak knife).

Next, place your large chef knife in the slot.  Place a fold kitchen towel on top of the knife and then hammer it with a kitchen pounder (like the tool you use to flatten meat).

Don’t have a pounder?  Use a heavy bottom pan…anything that you can control with one hand and small enough to not injure the hand holding the knife.

Keep hammering as the knife goes deeper into the squash (if you can, gently tap the edge of the knife to get it all the way through).  Open it up and continue to prep it like this

So now you have no excuse…pick up a squash the next time you’re at the store and make some stuff!