Peeling Garlic

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Have you ever tried to peel a lot of garlic?  It kinda sucks if you have more than say, 2 cloves…
I know, I know, I’m very impatient…
But, I like to peel a lot of garlic at one time.  I used to use the smash approach (you know – put a few cloves on the counter and press down on them with the side of a chef’s knife), which is fine if you only have a few cloves.  But I bought about 20 heads of garlic last year at the farmers market and, when I came home, I wanted to cry…I was going to be another year older by the time I finished!
But, I remember seeing this somewhere and thought, “why not try”?
Worked like a charm…


Individual cloves…


Cut off the ends with a small knife and put them in a stainless steel bowl


Top with another bowl and shake vigorously (I mean, shake crazy vigorously). You will hear the cloves jumping around…you can check it every once in a while to see you they are doing


eh voila….super clean garlic!