Why You Should Save your Egg Shells: How to Grow Exceptional Tomatoes!!

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Like Eggs?

Perfect!  Now you can stop going to the nursery for plant fertilizer.

Confused?  Don’t be…

Just save your eggshells in a container on your countertop and use them, crushed, around your tomato plants.  The calcium in the shells will strengthen the tomato plants, give you more buds (aka: tomatoes!) and sometimes even prevent blossom end rot – that brown disease that sometimes makes the bottom of your tomatoes brown and yucky!!

Once you collect them, you can do a few things with them:

1.  Just let them dry and crumble them around the base of your plants (you can even dump some in the holes you make before you put your plants in).

2.  Soak them in water for about a week and then use the liquid (diluted a bit with regular water) and use it to water the plants – instant fertilizer!

3.  Pulverize them (in the blender), make holes around the base of the plants (with a pencil or the handle of a wooden spoon) and sprinkle the powder into the holes; when you water, the goodness will seep into the soil!

4.  If you ever start plants from seed, use the egg shell halves, filling them with soil and planting the seeds in them (keeping them in the egg carton is easiest!), and you will have instant planters.  When the seedlings grow into small plants, you can just put the entire egg shell and plant into the ground; as the shell disintegrates, the calcium will nurture the plant!



Made from almost 95%  calcium carbonate, crushed eggshells are good for plants because:

1.  The nutrients in the shells act as cheap/free fertilizer.

2.  They act as a deer repellent.

3.  If you have problems with slugs, putting roughly crushed shells around the base of the plant will stop the slugs from going into the plant because they don’t like the jagged edges.




Nature at it’s finest!  Let’s take advantage of all the goodness Mother Nature has to offer!!