make ahead smoothie packs

Smoothie Packs: Breakfast in a Pinch

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make ahead smoothie packs

So, you’re trying to get on the healthy bus, are ya?

You get up every morning with the best intentions.  Today, you’re going to make a healthy smoothie to take to work with you.

Well, good on ya!

But, now you have to find a ripe banana, pick out a few frozen strawberries that are in a giant clump at the bottom of your freezer, wash and cut up some greens, measure out some protein powder, find some nutritious add-ins to bump up the “healthy scale” and whip up a drink.

Well, now 20 minutes have passed and you are late for work.

What if I told you we can totally shave off some time from this tedious process and put a super nutrient-packed drink into your belly in mere minutes?



Let’s make some smoothie packs so all you have to do is grab a couple of bags, dump them into your blender, add your liquid of choice and push a button.

Easy peasy, right?


1.  Grab a couple of small freezer Ziploc bags and fill them with a combination of fruits and veg that you like (my fav is strawberries, kale and bananas!) – a total of about 1-2 cups per bag is good.

Oh. and remember to put some green stuff in there (spinach, kale, or even romaine)…I promise you won’t taste it and it will increase your vitamin intake by like a million!!

2.  Separately, in small snack Ziploc bags, put a half a scoop of protein powder (I use half a scoop because I want to be able to add additional protein like almond butter), a tsp of chia seeds, a tsp of ground flax seed and a tsp of bee pollen into each bag

3.  Throw the bags in the freezer and, when you wake up in the morning (or when you get back from the gym), grab your blender, one bag of protein and one bag of fruits/veg.


4.  Pour in about a cup or so of non-dairy milk (I always keep a few tetra packs of almond milk in the cupboard just in case I don’t have any in the fridge)…you can use almond, rice or flax seed milk (I’m not a fan of soy milk).  Top with one bag of fruit/veg and one bag of protein.


5.  Blend it all together and you have a wonderful glassful of goodness!!

Smoothie Packs: Breakfast in a Pinch Just Crumbs Blog by Suzie Durigon

What a great way to start your day!!

Smoothie Packs: Breakfast in a Pinch Just Crumbs Blog by Suzie Durigon