Teach Me Tuesday: Talking All Things “Halloween”

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Sometimes, using a cookbook (or any “how-to” book for that matter) is all about inspiration.

This week’s cookbook is “Halloween” by Better Homes and Garden…chock full of halloween food, craft and gift ideas!

I picked it up a few years ago because it had some pretty cute pumpkin carving ideas…


…like this…simple but effective!


I had a few sugar pumpkins lying around so I just cut a hole, added a couple of gummy worms and placed a black bird next to them…perfect addition to a large pumpkin display.


How cute are these stacking pumpkins that they featured in their book!

So, I took some inspiration from the book and dropped into the bulk store.    Well, the creative juices started flowing and this is what I came up with…


I bought some gummy worms, teeth and frogs as well as some cotton candy…

If you fill plastic beakers (that I had from a party supply store) with cotton candy and then wrap a worm with more cotton candy and place it on top…this is what it looks like.

As a table setting for kids, you place one of these worm/cotton candy filled beakers on each plate and, beside it, place a beaker filled with soda water.

When you pour the soda water onto the other beaker (which magically melts away all the cotton candy), not only do you have a small sip of a sweetened fizzy drink, but you get the extra surprise of the worm at the bottom…such fun, right?!?!?


How about these cute pumpkin mini-muffins that I topped with aquafaba to look like ghosts…so cute, right??


And I made these Oreo pops with melted coloured chocolate and candy pieces to turn out some pretty awesome pumpkin heads and mummies!

GetAttachment 2

Then I turned to some healthy alternatives by making broom sticks out of pretzel rods, cheese strings and chive ties…

GetAttachment 3

This was what I gave to my niece and nephews last year – I made a 3 headed monster by filling Ziploc bags with mini chocolate bars and placing them on as bristol board (they were the body); then I used cello wrapped gumballs as arms; candy-filled surgical gloves became the hands and store bought doughnuts were the heads with ring pop teeth and M&M eyes.  Big, big, big hit!!


I made these for Thanksgiving last year (large ice cream cones drizzled with orange coloured chocolate and filled with Reece’s Pieces) …but if you just sealed it with a large cookie at the bottom, it would look like a witch’s hat!!

How about these cute falafel bats made with falafel, gluten free bean chips and sliced olives!


And a healthier lunch alternative for your halloween goblins…ratatouille in a carved out red pepper and juicy oranges quickly transformed with a permanent marker!


Now, let’s take a look at the web for some other creative ideas:

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Haaaapy Halloweeeeen!!