Tomato Bouquet Appetizer

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It’s summertime and everyone…I mean EVERYONE…is dying to get out there and enjoy the great weather.

So, the last thing you want to do, especially when you’re entertaining, is spend a crazy amount of time in the kitchen getting ready before your friends arrive.  It’s not hard to throw something together and make it look beautiful at the same time.

Try this quick appetizer…it’s versatile, quick and a conversation starter!!



1 pint cherry tomatoes (and grab some cucumbers while you’re at it)

1 block cream cheese, softened

1 cup store bought tzatziki (or yogurt/sour cream with a handful of herbs!)

Handful of chives




1.  Mix the cream cheese and tzatziki together in a bowl or a food processor (if you are using sour cream/yogurt, add the herbs too).

2.  Scrape the mixture into a piping bag (or if you don’t have one, use a Ziploc bag and cut the end off).



3.  From the top of the cherry tomato, make one cut almost to the bottom.



4.  Then make another cut like this to make 4 equal parts (again, not all the way to the bottom).



5.  Place the piping bag into the tomato and push the bag to squeeze out the mixture.  Pull up to fill the tomato cavity with the cream mixture.



…it should look  like this!



6.  If you have some cream cheese mixture left over, we are going to make some more food so grab some chive flowers from the garden…they are so pretty!



7.  One blossom is actually a bunch of tiny little flowers…separate them into little flowers.  Use them as decoration in all of your savory dishes.  They only last a short time and they are beautiful additions that taste like onion!



8.  Pipe the rest of the mixture onto cucumber rounds and sprinkle with tiny flowers.




Now, get out there and enjoy the sunshine!!