Truffled Prosciutto and Cantaloupe Bites

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Want a super quick, fresh, local summer appetizer?  Do you want something that says “I know my way around an Italian kitchen??”

Well, strap on that apron and get ready to wow your guests with an appetizer that literally takes minutes to put together and is quintessentially Italian!!



1/2 cantaloupe

3 tablespoons  local honey (trust me when I say local!)

Aprox 20 slices good quality prosciutto (find a good butcher that you trust!)

a few tablespoons of truffle oil (optional but really adds depth to this dish)



1.  Take your melon and seed it (that means scoop out the middle seeds with a spoon and discard).


2.  Slice off the outer edges of the skin like so…


3.  Flip it over and cut off the bottom.


4.  With the half melon on your cutting board cut-side down, cut it into 1″ strips and then cross ways into 1″ cubes.


5.  Get your prosciutto out (if you are getting it at the butcher, it needs to be pinkish and sliced thin).

6.  Skewer it on your toothpick and then poke the toothpick into the cube of melon (remember it should be bite sized).


7.  Your honey should be “pourable” so if it has solidified (which is perfectly fine!), just warm it in a bowl placed in a larger bowl of hot water (or microwave for 20 seconds) and then drizzle it over each prosciutto/cantaloupe cube.


8.  If you are using truffle oil, with a very liberal hand, drizzle it over the cubes (you want just a small drizzle as it can be overwhelming!).


9.  Now, pour yourself (okay, you can pour your guest some too) a nice glass of cold white wine, grab your serving platter and head to the patio.  There are only so many days left to summer – you might as well enjoy them while you can!!