Waffled Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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I know, I know…I can hear you already…

“Suzie, pleeeease…no more doughnuts!  Pleeease no more calorie ladden treats!!”

Okay, I promise I will be bringing you some healthy treats soon, but pleeease give me just this one treat.

I need this treat – a bit of comfort – as I send my last two “babies” off to university.  As always, food comes to the rescue to comfort me as I get ready for a bit of change in my life. But, whether or not you are going through something similar to me, fall is always a time of change, a time of reflection, and a time to revisit your day-to-day musing and perhaps make some changes in preparation for winter.

Alrighty now…..lots of psycho-babble is now out of the way but I feel much better…thanks for listening!

Now, on to this decadent, but crazy-easy mouthful of sweetness (can you sense my excitement?!?).  This is a quick treat (not a healthy one, but we all need a treat like this once in a while, right?) that anyone can make.  It also makes a great way to cap off an “end of summer” barbecue that might be on the agenda today for many of you.

So, here you go…an “unrecipe” to bring you some comfort today!  xoxo


A small box of Timbits (for those of you who are not Canadian, these are small doughnut holes – any other brand can be substituted if Timbits aren’t available)

Ice cream (homemade is best but any good quality ice cream will do!)

Sweet spread of your choice (Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate fudge sauce, cookie butter)

Equipment: a waffle iron, a sandwich press or a grill press.
7072327A-15DB-4C8B-959B-D4DBFFABFA841.    Place your small doughnuts (1 in each quadrant) on your pre-heated waffle iron and press down.

CA0C0E39-E28D-46AB-8354-9EB614E227D1 (1)


2.  When you lift up, it should be squished but not excessively browned; lift off to a plate to cool and repeat.


3.  If you prefer, you can use regular sized doughnuts cut into 4 pieces.


4.. Place the quartered pieces in the waffle iron and follow the instructions as above.


5.  Scoop your ice cream into small scoops and keep them in the freezer until ready to use.

6.  On the waffled doughnuts, spread some sweet spread on each side (I used Nutella on one side and cookie butter – check this link out on cookie butter if you’ve never heard of it – on the other side).


7.  When you are ready to serve, spoon the small ice cream balls onto one waffled doughnut like this… 1E309C25-8268-4D52-857B-FC383109E19B

8.  Close it up like a sandwich with the another doughnut; press lightly.


Oooooo…now revel in all of your amazingness because you have now created a tasty morsel that will have new friends knocking on your door.

Aaaand, I forgot to tell you that you can go ahead and really indulge, if you like, by making these in full size:


Either way, this absolutely decadent, ridiculously fattening, astoundingly artery clogging dessert will have you smiling on this official last weekend of summer

IMG_0273Just kick back while the sun is still shining and the beer is still flowing and enjoy these last few days….before it snows.


I promise I won’t call the diet police on you.

Just don’t call them on me. 🙂