Party Basics: How to Use Baked Phyllo Cups for Dessert

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So, want a quick way of making any food awesome?

I mean, you can have fruit salad, or you can have fruit salad in a beautifully crisp phyllo cup with a dollop of yogurt!!

Come on…which would you rather have?

In a previous post, I showed you how to make vanilla bean ice cream and english custard caramelised pear phyllo cups (which were beyond awesome!) but I had loads of cups left over so I thought, why not find other ways to use them?


I remembered dusting off my cupcake stand (because, really, who is ever going to get their money’s worth out of that one??).  I used the stand once to hold Parmesan  (or frico) cups which were used to hold mini caesar salads, so why not use it for something else sweet?

IMG_2775I mean, doesn’t this look so sweet?  So, why not use it for a party?  Put it on your dessert buffet and serve it with macerated berries (fancy word for berries marinated in sugar until the juices run out) and custard…you know, a kind of “make-your-own” dessert bar?


Or how about a breakfast buffet?  Put out some cut up fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and everyone can make their own breakfast parfaits (with an edible cup!!).



How cute, right?

So, next time you have a get together, whip up a batch of these.  You will have made a cute centrepiece/conversation starter as well as cut down on your clean up.

I mean, they are edible plates, aren’t they??