What You Need to Know to Get Ready for an Organized Christmas

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So, December is upon us and every year I vow to have my cards written and my decorations up the first week so I am ahead of the game…

Ya…totally didn’t happen again this year!

But what I am doing is sharing some little things with all of you  that might make your Christmas a touch more festive.

Take a peek at what was happening under my roof this week…


Make a festive wreath using a few things you might put on your veggie platter – pile some cherry tomatoes in a circle and tuck something green underneath (I had parsley but fresh basil would look nice as well as bay leaves). Then top with some small bocconcini and some green caper berries!

Here is another wreath idea from the web:

Holiday olive wreath by Julia M. Usher

This one is from The Chickabug Blog


If you’re stressing about making festive cookies but either don’t have time to make proper sugar cookie cutouts or don’t have the right cookie cutters, try this: make regular cookies (I used this recipe because it spreads out nicely…you don’t want “fluffy” cookies) then, while they are still a bit warm, cut off the sides on an angle like above and add something that looks like a stump (I used a caramel).  Then drizzle with melted dark chocolate and top with silver dragees if you like!


How about this?  Peel some clementines or mandarins and, using a small cookie cutter, cut out festive shapes, and thread some string through the top…instant natural fresheners!


Then, dip the segments in some of the melted dark chocolate and sprinkle with a touch of sea salt if you like…now you have yourself a healthy treat!


Do you ever check out the reduced rack in your grocer’s produce section?  Well you should because I scored 4 trays of artichokes (6 in each) for $4!!  Then, I left them on a cookie sheet to dry and piled them in a wooden bowl for a great centerpiece.  If you’re REALLY crafty, you can spray them gold and then tie them up with these homemade bells (just small terra cotta pots that I sprayed gold and then attached a bell through the bottom with some floral wire).  You can get all of this stuff (except for the artichokes) at your local dollar store and it will last for years!!


Have kids coming to your house for Christmas?  How cute would these be?  Just take large red napkins and fold them over like above. Then take white paper and cut them in circles (I scalloped them a bit at the bottom to mimic a beard) and then cut a slit at the top to thread the napkin through.  Put 2 circles on each napkin so when you lift one, you can write the person’s name underneath.  Add some eyes and a nose and you have an instant conversation piece!


How about an easy appetizer for your holiday party?  Make tomato soup shots (you can even use gazpacho so it doesn’t have to stay warm!) and then make these tree crackers by cutting out trees from wonton wrappers (use a cookie cutter), spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with chili powder or lay on some parsley sprigs and then bake until golden.

I’ll be doing a weekly update for the next few weeks so stay tuned!

And please feel free to share your ideas with me…I’d love to hear from you!!