20 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

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What a pretty way to set a table!  Grab some small mason jars and line them up down the centre of your table…fill them with random flowers (I found these day lilies on my driveway!).  They make such a statement, don’t ya think?

Want to see some other uses for mason jars?  Take a look!!


Keeping some good smoothie add-ins close to your blender is a great idea…and, in mason jars, they are easily refillable!  While you’re at it, check out this great smoothie recipe!


Whip up this strawberry butter and freeze it in these small mason jars!


I also love how these old mason jars (that I found a garage sale years ago…and huge box of them for $2!!) look in my pantry with dry beans, rice, and other grains.


When I started keeping different flours for gluten free recipe testing, I realized that mason jars fit perfectly on my freezer door and they can keep just enough of these flours cool and organized! (if you want to know the difference between flours, check out this blog post).

20 Ways to Use a Mason Jar Just Crumbs Blog by Suzie Durigon

And aren’t these “S’mores in a Jar” a great idea for an outdoor party??  This idea is courtesy of

You can always have salad in a jar!  (just remember this trick).  Aren’t these salads pretty?

How about this Chili in a jar?


For breakfast, you can have overnight oats like this…or even like these overnight oats.  And this one is make with cooked quinoa!

Isn’t his blender trick so cool??

You can always bake little cakes in mason jars like this cake from J and A and Company!

How about doing a Sundae Party using pre-filled mason jars (filled with ice cream), leaving about one inch at the top to fill with goodies!  Look how pretty:


And isn’t this toppings bar a great idea for a sundae bar?

You can pre-mix drinks and have them ready like this:

Berry iced tea brewed in the sunshine.

This is courtesy of Buzzfeed!

Or how about making some salsa or some pickles?

And, if all else fails, just make your self some jam…traditional strawberry jam or a healthier version.

The possibilities are endless…and these are just ways to use them with food…it will blow your mind if you look beyond filling your belly!!

That Mason dude that invented these was pretty smart, huh?