Christmas: More Ideas to Make You a Holiday Hero

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Four days…but who’s counting!!

I know you are all busy getting everything ready for the holidays (and even if you’re not celebrating Christmas, I am sure you are meeting up with friends and making the most of this holiday season!).

Here are a few entertaining ideas to get you through the next week (and if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will see a few more goodies before the week is over!!).


You know you need nourishment through the holidays and leaving the house with an empty belly just won’t do.  Make yourself this great (and healthy!) smoothie to get you through the holiday madness!!


Why not bake a batch of cookies that are not as perishable as soft cookies like chocolate chip (although these Compost cookies are pretty spectacular!!).  These double chocolate hazelnut  biscotti are great around the holidays because they keep for a long time and they make great gifts (why not tie up a bunch and give them with a container of really great coffee and a gift card to a coffee house??).


If you’re hosting a breakfast, wouldn’t it be great to have a huge crock pot full of oatmeal (yup, keep the crock pot on low and it is a great way to serve a hearty healthy breakfast!)?  You can sub the milk or water for half almond milk and half brewed coffee for a gluten free and vegan yummy alternative (and you can even give away these packets as a “party favour!!).

And, talking about great ideas, aren’t these butter pats cute??  Really fitting for the festive season, scoop tablespoons of butter onto a platter and, when they are at room temperature, layer sliced almonds (the ones with the skins are the best but they are hard to find!!) and you have instant edible pine cones (and a great conversation piece!!).  Wouldn’t it be awesome to serve these pine cone butter pats with toast??  Adorbs, right??


And if you have some phyllo or puff pastry around (both of which are essential “freezer staples” for entertaining!), use them to make great apps!!

If you buy small Brie rounds, cut them into triangles, put them on a few sheets of phyllo, top with a spoonful of jam, wrap up tight and bake until golden (but remember not to bite into them as they come out of the oven…you will lose a layer of the upper portion of your mouth…I speak from experience!!)

The puff pastry was thawed, rolled slathered with fig jam and topped with diced brie, rolled, sliced and baked…


They came out in circles, even though I shaped them into trees…who knew??  Still totally yummy.

Do you have any great entertaining ideas?  I’d love to hear from you!

Leave me a message in the comment section below!!

Happy baking (or shopping…or eating…or drinking)…