Cleaning leeks….

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Leeks are a great thing…
They are all green and “oniony”, they are easy to grow and they are great in soup!

But they are nasty to clean!

As you can see, the roots (looks like an awesome head of hair!) grab a ton of soil when you pull them but you wouldn’t think that all that soil can travel into the stalk (considering it is so tightly bound)…

But it does!

Peek below for an easy cleanup to this fantastic veg!

Take each stalk and cut off the root end and the yucky part of the green
Make a slice right down the centre like this…start at the white end and go almost to the end of the green (but don’t cut all the way)
If you gently pry the middle pieces apart, you will see where the nasty dirt can get trapped.
Put the cut leeks into a sink full of cold water and rub the middle with your fingers.  Leave them to soak for about 15-20 minutes then remove and chop into 1 ” pieces and either use in a soup or freeze for use at a later date.