The Most Ingenious Way to Freeze Soup

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It’s not too often I have nice things to say about myself…
But, I have to say, this is pretty smart!

Totally easy…

Just make some soup…a really big pot (you might as well because, if you’re gonna make a mess, you might as well make it worth your while!).
Enjoy the fruits of your labour (translation:  eat as much as you want for dinner and maybe even keep a bit for lunch the next day)…

Take your pot of leftover soup and cool it down…
Get a “tallish” glass and put a freezer bag inside it (makes pouring with one person easier!)
Pour a couple of ladles of soup (enough for a big bowlful) into each ziploc bag.
Squeeze as much air out and close up the bags; label each bag with what type of soup is in each bag using a permanent marker.
Place the ziploc bags flat (if you have a deep freezer, use a cookie sheet like this…if not, just lay each bag flat on top of something else in your freezer – like a box – that will allow you to let the bags lie flat while they freeze).  Freeze overnight.
ooooo…I just realized I let you into my personal space…can I tell you that I never defrost my freezer?  🙂   Let’s take you’re mind off of the that by showing you where you can find the recipe for this Leek and Potato Soup
The next day, transfer the ziploc bags to a plastic basket  (gotta love the dollar store…one buck for this brilliance!).  The bags fit neatly into the basket so you can (wait for it)….
…flip through the ziploc bags like a filing cabinet when you want a healthy snack.  Now each bag is portioned out for a single serving …all you have to do is bang it on the counter to break it into a few pieces to get it out of the bag and either microwave it or re-heat it in a pot with a touch of water.
Note:  when you just throw the ziploc bags in the bottom of your freezer before are frozen, you 1) forget about them because you don’t have a designated “basket” for all of your soup and, 2) you have to microwave it in the plastic bag (a really bad idea…just google heating plastic with food and you’ll find out why) to get the soup out.  Come on…pretty smart, huh?  Is there a nobel peace prize for cooking???  Oh ya, if any of you have been doing this for years, please don’t tell me 🙂