Meal Prep: How to Fill your Fridge with Healthy Goodies

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Do you want to start eating better?
I guess that’s a silly question…I think we all do (especially at the end of the month that everyone has already broken all of their New Years’ resolutions!).
Well, I don’t know about you but the number one reason I eat the wrong stuff is because I’m just not prepared with good choices.  I mean, who is going to take out a bunch of rapini, par boil it, caramelize some garlic in olive oil, and sear the rapini in the garlic just for a quick snack?  I love to cook and even I wouldn’t do that!
I think the trick is to have healthy options literally jump out at you when you open the fridge so you don’t have time to run to the cookie cupboard.

While I was making dinner last night, I cleaned out my fridge…I found some left over grilled chicken, some guacamole that I made the day before, some arugula, some cooked quinoa, some celery sticks, a block of feta and a a couple of eggs.  I grabbed some canned beans and tuna from the pantry and an onion and look what I made in exactly 32 minutes (all while I was making dinner)…
I separated all the protein and put it into piles (chicken, tuna, eggs, beans and quinoa).  Then I cut the veggies and piled them onto the protein piles.  Then I added the rest of the stuff to the piles (like cheese, seasonings and dressings).
Put them into glass seal-able containers and mix them all up…
And what you end up with is yummy, good for you food that “jumps out to bite you” when you open the fridge…
…and hopefully your belly will be so full of goodness that cookies won’t even cross your mind.

But, on the other hand, since you’ve been so good….