How to Freeze Meatballs

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I love having something quick to cook in the freezer…
And meatballs are one of those things that I love because you can do so much with them (use them with pasta, make meatball subs, serve them as an appetizer on their own with a Thai dipping sauce…you get the picture).
So, next time you go to the trouble of making a batch, just double or triple it and freeze them like this.

You’ll need a scooper.  This is a meatball scooper (used specifically for this purpose)…yes, I bought it and no, it doesn’t work (when you open it up after you scoop up the mixture, the 2 halves split and you have to re-roll them anyways…kinda pointless)
This works best.  It’s a scoop to measure cookie dough (like a small ice cream scooper).  It works like a charm…

Or you can just use a good ol’ soup spoon like my mom does (you just have to roll them between your hands to get the right shape).

Take your favorite mixture (I’ll send a recipe for my favorite soon) and scoop them out into uniform balls.  Make sure the cookie sheet is lined with foil or plastic wrap to avoid cleanup.  Make sure  they aren’t squished together.  Now, they can go straight into the freezer for a couple of hours until frozen solid.
Then, once they are hard, pop them into a freezer bag and you have any amount of meatballs you want at a moments notice….a few for one meatball sub or the whole bag for a major meatball party!!