How to Make Chive Oil

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Chives are a great starter plant to grow because:

#1.  It’s easy to plant , grow and not kill.

#2.  It makes pretty flowers, so you can even plant it in your flower bed.

#3.  It’s one of the first things that grows in your garden and, if you cut it back, it will grow until the end of the summer.

#4.  It comes back every year (it’s a perennial) and, if it likes where it is, it will grow stronger and bigger every year!!

#5.  It makes the most awesome flavoured oil that you can use into the winter months.

So, if you don’t have any chives in the garden, grab a bunch from the market and make some of this oil.

And remember to plant chives some next year…you will be sooo happy you did!!

Grab a handful of chives (or a good bunch from the store); cut or tear the bunch into 3 equal portions (it makes mincing easier).


If you’re lazy, throw it in a food processor or high-power blender (like a Vitamix) and pulse – but be careful not to pulse too much or you will make a paste out of it.


It’s much better to mince by hand but this will do if you are short on time.

With the machine off, slowly add about 2 cups good quality olive oil and pulse a few times (if you stream it in while the machine is running, it will still be lovely but it will solidify and turn creamy).


Put it into mason jars and freeze until ready to use.


I usually keep a jar in the fridge for an extra yummy drizzle on bread or just give it a good dip…


So yummy…honestly!!

Just remember to label it before you freeze it.


And, when you go to someone’s house for dinner, bring a fresh loaf of crusty bread and this jar.

You will have a friend forever!!

Keep calm and chive on…