Kitchen Tips: What to Do With Loads of Zucchini

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Got loads of zucchini?

Even if you don’t have a home garden, now is the time to get your hands on some great local zucchini.

But what are you gonna do with it all, you ask?

Well, you can make  zucchini fries

Or stuffed zucchini flowers (if they come with your basket of zucchini!)

Or, you can make some luscious chocolate zucchini cake

Or even a big batch of ratatouille


Heck, you can even grate the zucchini and use it later…

But if you want to use it in the winter for soup or ratatouille, then you can cube it and blanch it for later, like this…

Cut it into 1″ pieces and drop them into boiling water for a few minutes…


Then scoop them out and put them into a bowl full of ice water to cool them off…IMG_1711

This  stops the cooking process…


Then pack them in a bag and try this neat trick with a straw to draw all the air out (yup, that’s right, suck it out!!) …quickly pull it out and snap closed…works like a charm every time!!

IMG_1714Now, whenever you want to add a handful of zuchs to a soup, just snap off a bit and throw it in.

A mouth full of summer in February never tasted so good!!!