How to Make The Fastest Ice Cream Tacos

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Ice cream is awesome, isn’t it?  When the first warm day of summer comes, don’t you just feel like running over to one of those fancy ice cream places to grab a fancy cone?

Well, all that fancy stuff at those fancy places comes at a cost…a pretty hefty one.  So why not make your own sundae fun at home??

“I can’t possibly make those awesome ice cream cones at home” you say…

Wanna bet??




These are Pizzelle – like Italian waffle cookies.  Many Italians have a pizzelle maker to make these at home  ( it’s like a waffle maker but it makes thin, crisp waffle cookies).  I wouldn’t dare assume that the majority of you have one (even most Italians that I know who own one don’t even use them) .  I inherited mine from my grandmother.  But, in this post, I am going to let you in on a little secret…

They sell them at the store…ALREADY MADE!

(I bought mine at Cosco!)

And guess what?  If you put them in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, you can bend them into what ever shape you like!

Exceptionally cool!!

You have to work quickly, but you can make them into cone shapes to use as ice cream cones (just put a mini-marshmallow in the bottom to stop ice cream from leaking out because it’s almost impossible to completely seal the bottom).  Or you can use these cones to hold fruit salad…great party idea!!




How about an ice cream taco?  Yup, you heard right…ice.  cream.  taco.




Just microwave the cookies and drape them over a wooden spoon resting on 2 glasses and let them cool (only takes 15 seconds), and…tadah…




Ice cream taco shells!  Make small scoops of ice cream and tuck them into the cookie tacos…

And, if you feel totally guilty about all that ice cream goodness, make this healthy chocolate sauce! 




Now, go and call some people….let’s have an ice cream party!