how to soften stale bread

Kitchen Hacks: How to Soften Stale Bread

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how to soften stale bread

Finally, it’s Sunday afternoon and you want a sandwich.

You have some leftover frittata, some peppers and onions and you went shopping yesterday and bought a fresh baguette.  Yes!


You forgot to wrap your baguette and it is so hard you could hit a homer out of the park with it.

Now what?

Hang on a sec…this is what we’re going to do:

1.  Grab your baguette


2.  Go to the tap, run your water and, using your free hand, splash some water on the baguette.


3.  Now wrap the baguette in foil…


4.  Make sure it’s tight and place it in a cold oven; turn it on to 300 and heat it for about 15 minutes (you can check it every so often by giving it a squeeze…every oven is different).

5.  Pull it out, unwrap it and it will be soft (if you like a crispy crust, place the loaf back in the oven to crisp up the outside).

And, if you don’t feel like a sandwich, make croutons or breadcrumbs instead.

Never throw bread away…unless you want to go the park.  Then, I’m sure you can find some pretty hungry pigeons that will be happy you didn’t listen to me!