It’s a New Year so Believe….

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It’s a new year.  Yup, it’s actually a new year plus 2 days…


Do you feel better?  At least you have 2 days behind you and you can stop freaking out about how you are going to make big, big, big changes that will completely alter the world.


Is it just me or do you all feel the same?  I mean, it’s pretty overwhelming to think that one day out of 365, everyone feels this incessant need to be better, fill more, spend less…you all know the drill.  We all make resolutions to become the perfect human being and it all has to start on that one day.

But then a week or so passes and most people go back to their old ways – usually because it was just too much pressure to be perfect.  More often than not, people feel worse because the things they were supposed to do in some grand fashion, didn’t pan out.


But what if January 1st was just like any other day?  Like, say June 27th or August 8th? Would you still have this crazy drive to be perfect at everything?  And, how about if we didn’t make resolutions on one day?  How about if we decided to, starting today, just believe.


Yes, believe.


What if we started to believe in heroes?  If we spent more time looking for those who chose to do good in the world and lift them up, wouldn’t we be happier people than if we let those who are negative and judgmental get the better of us?  If we spent more time with “heroes”, others would follow because it would be contagious.


What if we believed in authenticity?  If we didn’t get caught up in the world around us that tells us we need to have “stuff” and get flustered by those that say to be loved we need to be a size 2, wouldn’t we all feel better?  Why not be the most authentic form of “you” that you can possibly be?

Trust me…that would be so beautiful!


What if we believed in passion?  Believe in that inner place that resides in you that lights a fire in you and in others.    Now give the world that “something” unique that only you can give.  You have it…it’s in you.  Dig deep.  Be passionate about something.


What if we believed in creating a new day every day?  What if each morning was your chance to wipe your slate clean?  Say your “sorrys” to those that you may have wronged and make amends to those that you may not have been your kindest to.

Every day.

A new beginning.

I think that’s pretty incredible.


What if every new day, you knew that you had the chance to live your life differently – better – because you learned from the mistakes you made yesterday?  What would you do different?


Would you be grateful? Would you be a hero? Would you smile at more strangers? Would you speak less and listen more?  Would you ignore your critics?  Would you clean up your messes?  Would you put more serious thought into your future?  Would you create more unforgettable moments?  Would you think about your legacy?  Would you make life matter?


I will leave you with this:

“I hope that you will have a wonderful year; that you will dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, and that you will be loved and be liked,  and that you will have people to love and to like in return.  And, most importantly – because I think there should be more kindness and wisdom in the world – that you will, when you need to be, be wise and you will always be kind”.  Neil Gaiman


Believe in you…make life matter!