It’s a New Year!

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“The flower doesn’t dream of attracting the bee…it just blooms and the bee comes”

You woke up today.

That’s always a good place to start.

Be grateful that your day started this way…you’re awake, breathing, probably in a warm bed, in your home, with your family, with food in your fridge and a day full of opportunity.

That’s more than we can say for a lot of people out there.

For most of us, each day, is another day to change what we did wrong yesterday and give it another shot.  I don’t know about you but every year at this time, I promise myself that things will be different..more productive, more purposeful, more “right”.  But then, life happens and it’s easier to go back to your old ways.  Change is hard, right?

Sometimes, believing we can change is the first step.  But the hardest step is seeing the change through.  Yup, we can all start to make changes, but the comfort of our old ways always comes creeping back…because they’re familiar and they’re comfortable.

But, maybe making one small “good for you” change a week, is a better option.  Make a list, revise it so it makes sense and feels good to you (because going from being a couch potato to doing high intensity crossfit 7 days a week might not be the best place to start) and then make only one change per week.  For example, if you want to start drinking more water, starting Monday (yes, you can just start at the beginning of the week) fill 6 mason jars with water and put them in the fridge before you go to bed so in the morning, they are visible and it might be easier to drink them.  Do one action for the whole week but don’t stress out about implementing another change until you have a good hold on that one.  Then move onto the next one – but keep doing the first one…and so on.

If you need a bit of a kickstart over the weekend, while you make your list, I’ve started a list for you.  This is my list.  I’ve decided that I am going to do this with you.  I have a lot of changes I can make too. We can do this together!

2016…bring it on!!

  1. Spend less time “connected”:  If your work revolves around social media, make a schedule each day of when you will check it and stick to it (trust me, the world won’t end if you miss a post!) and then try to put your phone away from 6-11pm….oh, and don’t keep it beside your bed or you will be scrolling in the morning before you get the sleep bunnies out of your eyes.
  2. Make a plan:  Every Sunday night, make a “rough” schedule of what your week will look like and try to stick to it (this way, you can find time in your day to schedule things you love…yes, you have to plan for that too!)
  3. Get serious about gratitude:  Call your mom, write a real birthday card to a friend, do one small act of kindness a week, write thank you letters (and mail them!) to people who have helped you, give out a random compliment every day.
  4. See your work as a craft:  And if you can’t, then adjust your work or find something else to do that makes you happy as well as creative.
  5. Take care of yourself:  a) Physically, get exercise, drink water, eat less food (yes we can all do this!), eat more veg, get outside, say no when you need to and yes when you really should.  b) Emotionally, be patient, forgive those who have wronged you, be ethical and moral in every decision you make, give no energy to non-believers, speak less and listen more, say sorry when you should, expect the best and prepare for the worst.
  6. Create a good sleep environment:  Because we all know how important sleep is (all the studies have proven it!), try to get to sleep a bit earlier, keep your room a bit cooler, turn off your television and computer at least 15 minutes before you nod off (start reading that book you’ve been meaning to start) and DO NOT use your phone as your alarm.
  7. Get up a bit earlier every day: And do something really cool in those new “found” moments (pray, meditate, stretch, run, journal).
  8. Get serious about your relationships: a) With others, create unforgettable moments, don’t underestimate small romantic gestures, put aside one night to spend together (even if it’s just going to the grocery store), learn something new together (a new card game, skydiving!), never miss a moment to celebrate your partner, say sorry when you should, don’t ever forget why you first fell in love.    b) With yourself, be authentic, be passionate, be kind, pursue your dreams, say no to distractions, find a mentor, make sure that little voice in your head uses “kind” words when it speaks to you.
  9. Revisit 2015:  Go through your calendar, go back and check you social media posts, look at your online shopping choices…this will give you a clear picture of what you “wanted” this year and you can look back and see if the choices were worth it (and adjust your way of thinking accordingly to make better choices in 2016).
  10. Make your life matter:  Be a hero to someone, be the best person you know how to be, enjoy life’s simplest moments, try really hard to make yourself your first priority because you only have one shot at this life…make sure it’s a good one!

Be that flower…bloom hard.

The world is waiting!!