Planting Garlic

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The lowly garlic…such grief it’s gotten over the years:

“you have such garlic breath!”

“I can’t get the smell out of my hands”

“that smell is seeping out of your pores”

Ah, but behold the benefits of garlic:

1.  The compound Allicin has awesome medicinal properties (and it can combat sickness like the common cold!)

2.  It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, contains antioxidants and can help detoxify heavy metals in your body!

3.  And, most importantly, it keeps away vampires (I actually had a hard time finding studies on this though!)

So, take a head of store bought garlic and plant away!!




1.  Take the heads apart and place each clove about 4″ apart in soil.


IMG_20140925_115015 (1)


2.  Grab the clove with your fingers and push down about 3″ (flat side down, pointy side up).




3.  Can you see it down there?  Now, just cover it with a touch of soil and you’re done!!





Now that you feel all proud and stuff, think about your garden next year (I just picked this today…Sept 25th!).  If garlic is that easy, just think about what else can you do?!?!