how to freeze tomatoes

How to Preserve Summer by Freezing Fresh Tomatoes

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how to freeze tomatoes

If you find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes this summer, have I got a tip for you!

Got a ton of cherry tomatoes? Just wash them and pop them into a freezer bag and throw them into the freezer.  In the winter, they will roast up beautifully or make the most epic tomato soup!! And if the peels bug you, they’ll just slip off once they’re defrosted!!

freezing cherry tomatoes

If you have some Roma tomatoes (the kin you buy if you bottle tomatoes), you can cut them in half or questers like this and just pop them into a bag and then the freezer:

how to freeze tomatoes

And, finally, if you just find yourself with some random odds and ends or bigger tomatoes, just chop them up and do like above!!  When I make sauce and want some extra texture, I will throw a bag of these into the pot and remember the glory of our Ontario summer in the middle of February!



Give it a try…support your local farmers!!