Secret Parsley and Garlic Mix…

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I call this a secret mix because it really helps you put dinner on the table faster. How, you ask?
1.  Rub it on chicken pieces and chopped potatoes before roasting…yum!
2.  Put a few tablespoons in the bottom of a pot before adding tomatoes for a flavourful sauce.
3.  Slather some on some flatbread and top with cut up veggies and grated mozzarella and you have an instant pizza…You get it, right?
Now go on, get chopping (actually, let the food processor do the work….the only thing that should get tired is your finger from pulsing).


Buy some garlic that has been peeled (I know, lazy…but when you do a large amount, this is the way to go).

Now, buy some parsley (or pick some if you have it in the garden)  and process away.  Remember to keep the stems to use for later!

Whiz it up so it looks like this!

Then put the mixture in a glass container (or a mason jar) and cover it all the way with olive oil.  If you don’t use it in a week, line an ice cube tray with saran wrap and fill the holes with a spoonful of this mixture…pop them out when frozen and freeze them in a Ziploc bag.  Drop a square into soups and stews when you need a flavour boost!