Summer Appetizers!

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So, how are ya liking this weather?

I mean, we know you’re hot Mother Nature, but do you really need to show off like that?

But, hey, I’m not complaining because, ya know…February.

Nuf said…

In the meantime, let’s look a few different appetizers that you can whip up over the next few months…while your entertaining game is strong.

Follow along as we go through my fav way of feeding people…apps for dayssss!


The picture above is a beautiful arancini (Italian for rice ball)…whip up a bunch of bite sized ones and watch your guests swoon!

You can find the recipe for these crispy balls here.

How about this easy peasy conversation piece below?  Now that Ontario tomatoes are coming into the picture, whip up this cute veggie tray.

You can find the directions to this pretty thing by clicking here.

IMG_20140524_193528Have you ever tried to recreate this favorite nibble below?  It’s so easy…you gotta give it a shot!

Take a peak here for some stuffed jalapeno inspiration!


If you’ve never had zucchini flowers (they are all the rage lately at restaurants but I grew up on them!), you have to try them.  They are delicate and crispy and just spectacular!  If you don’t grow your own zucchini, you can usually pick the flowers up at a local farmers market!

The recipe for the deep fried battered flowers is here.

And you’ll even see a quick way to do the same with medallions…waste not want not!


And how about zucchini FRIES?  Yup, you heard me!  Just cut the zucchini into strips, batter them and fry them…so goooood. Same recipe as the battered flowers but using zucchini sticks!


And Blt’s aren’t just for breakfast, right?

Make a few of these cuties (pictured below) and tuck them in a long basket (you can even try to make a batch of kale chips and use them to nestle them in tightly).

You can find the recipe for these cute little sandwiches here.

BLT bites

And how stunningly simple are these beauties below for the fastest snack ever?!  And it’s so fresh, it screams summer.

The recipe for these truffled cantaloupe prosciutto bites is at this link.

truffled cantaloupe prosciutto bites

And the freshest of all – these Thai rice paper rolls are fun to put together…and, not having to turn an oven on and having your guests help you put them together make them the perfect party food!

You can find the instructions for these beauties here.


And now that we’re done talking appetizers, I just wanted you to know that Satan called…he wants his weather back 😉