Writing a Cookbook

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So, I guess there is no turning back now, right?

The word on the street is that I am attempting to write a cookbook, something that I have been not only thinking about but also talking about – or should I say randomly mentioning – for the better part of 20 years (yes I’m that old!).  How embarrassing is it when you meet an old friend and they say, “hey, howse that cookbook coming along??”

Uh, ya…it’s not.


Because, like other things, we think about a project we want to delve into and then, you know, life happens.

Actually, life happens for a very, very long time.  And, everything you dream of doing gets put on a shelf…somewhere waaaay back in that dark closet.  And that idea of yours?  Well, it starts to collect dust and, over time, it just doesn’t seem that important/viable/achievable/workable/sellable/publishable/(insert any other excuse you can think of).

But the end of last year, I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and so many things in that book made me re-think writing again (things like “of course it’s been done before, but it’s never been done by you” …awesome, right??!!).  So, I’ve been practicing my writing and I am trying to be more confident (yup, that’s me, Miss Low Self Esteem!!).  I know I am probably doing this backwards (writing a book and then hoping a publisher finds me!!) but if I wait for all of the stars to align, it will never happen.  So, worst case scenario, I have no publisher and I self publish.  Aaaand, if all else fails, my kids will have an awesome memento of a book full of recipes and love that their mamma made for them.

So, that’s not that bad!


And now, for a beautiful little side note…

My very good friend Shelley, who has been my friend/advisor/therapist/muse/spiritual guide (you get it, right??) for 30 years, handed me a bag on my birthday with this tiny little statue inside.  She went on to explain what it was and what it meant.  This tiny statue was lovingly handcrafted by her brother years ago. Her brother was an artist and was incredibly talented (she has many of his glorious pieces of art around her home).  He made this magnificent chess set and, the most amazing thing about this set was that all the figurines were fashioned after women (even the Kings!).  She told me he always held women in a high regard so when he created this masterpiece, she wasn’t surprised.  The tragic part of this story is that he died suddenly in his 40’s, leaving a void in the art world and an empty place in his sister’s heart.

This beautiful figurine that she gave me was one of the pieces that was part of the set but unfinished.  And, because it was a figurine of a warrior princess which was not complete and not polished, she told me that it reminded her of my journey.  She didn’t have to say any more…it is the most beautiful and meaningful gift I have ever received.

So, on my desk it will stay, as I write my book and I venture into other projects that might come my way.  It will remind me that I am a warrior of sorts – pushing forward even if it seems like it won’t be an easy road – and that my road, my journey will always be unfinished, reminding me of the many opportunities out there that make living today incredible no matter what!!

Thanks again to all of you that have encouraged me in this endeavor…you know who you are!!

Hugs to all of you!!